The Rimers of Eldritch

by Lanford Wilson

Mar 14 / 2:00 – 5:00 PM
1013 W. State St. Ithaca, NY
Sides (PDFs)
A: Nelly, Mary
B: Eva, Robert
C: Cora, Walter
D: Patsy, Mavis, Josh, Peck
E: Patsy, Lena
F: Cora, Evelyn
G: Wilma, Martha
H: Skelly, Robert
I: Skelly
J: Preacher/Judge
K: Mary

The Rimers of Eldritch
An ensemble show for 17 actors.

Be ready to read sides (see links to right). If you haven't acted for Incognita, a one minute contemporary monologue would be welcome (but not required). Multicultural casting.

Women's Roles:

Eva Jackson (female, 14): disabled, full of life. Restricted by her mother.
Evelyn Jackson (female, middle-aged): Eva’s mother; overprotective of Eva; highly religious.
Nelly Windrod (female, middle-aged): Mary’s daughter.  Runs the grain mill. 
Mary Windrod (female, elderly): Nelly’s mother.  Starting to become senile, and disturbed by dreams of blood and violence.
Patsy Johnson (female, 16-17): In high school, popular.  Hates living in Eldritch; sexually active.  Best friends with Lena.
Mavis Johnson (female, middle-aged): Wife of Peck, mother of Patsy and Josh.  Concerned with propriety and appearances.
Lena Truit (female, 16-17): In high school.  Patsy’s best friend, Martha’s daughter.  A follower.
Martha Truit (female, middle-aged): Lena’s mother.  A gossip.
Wilma Atkins (female, middle-aged): One of the town gossips.
Cora Groves (female, middle-aged): Runs the truck stop/café. Independent.

Men's Roles:
Robert Conklin (male, 18): Just graduated from high school.  Lives in the shadow of his popular older brother, who died in a car racing accident.
Peck Johnson (male, middle-aged): A farmer, Mavis’s husband, Patsy and Josh’s father.  Domineering.
Josh Johnson (male, early 20s): Patsy’s older brother, son of Peck and Mavis.  Dating Lena.  A bit reckless.
Skelly Mannor (male, elderly): The town homeless man and general scapegoat.
Preacher/Judge (male, any age): The preacher and judge are two different characters played by the same actor; they merge into each other when speaking from the bench or pulpit.
Walter (male, 20s): A young drifter, new to town.  Has a sexual relationship with Cora.
Trucker (male, any age)