Cast of Macbeth

The Weird Sisters

First Sister: Elizabeth Livesay

Second Sister: Marie Sirakos

Third Sister: Samantha Sloma

Their Familiars

Greymalkin: Lochi Nunn-Makepeace

Paddock: Hugo Lloyd

Harpier: Griffin Brahler

A Bloody Captain: Dave Dietrich

Duncan (King of Scotland): Scott Whitham

Malcolm (his elder son): Elizabeth Seldin

Donalbain (his younger son): Tamar Shapiro-Tamir

Lennox (a noble, captain): Mikaela Gould

Ross (a noble, major): Lindsey Cahoon

Angus (a noble, captain): Gwen Livesay

Macbeth (Thane of Glamis): Barbara Geary

Banquo (commander with Macbeth of the army): Cortney Johnson

Lady Macbeth: Meg Elliott

Fleance (Banquo’s Son): Lochi Nunn-Makepeace

Porter: Jared Lane 

Macduff  (a noble, general): AJ Sage

Old Man (a refugee): Oliver Moss

First Murderer: Casey Silidjian

Second Murderer: Moira Lang

Third Murderer: Elizabeth Seldin

Menteith (a noble): Tamar Shapiro-Tamir

Lady Macduff: Beth Harris

The Macduffs’ Son: Hugo Lloyd

Caithness (a refugee fighter): Griffin Brahler

Doctor: Oliver Moss

Gentlewoman (to Lady Macbeth): Moira Lang

Seyton (attendant to Macbeth): Jared Lane

Siward (an English general): Dave Dietrich

Young Siward (his son): Lochi Nunn-Makepeace


Beth Harris, Dave Dietrich, Griffin Brahler, Gwen Livesay, Jared Lane, Mikaela Gould, Oliver Moss